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The Devil Whispered

A Cyberpunk Detective Noir Story

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"This could very well be the greatest cyberpunk novel ever released on the first day of March this year." - Mom

Stories are an invitation to enter the imagination of the speaker. Whether it’s a tale acted out by the light of a fire, a boast shared between friends, or the debut novel of an aspiring author, the invitation has always been the same:

Join me, so that I may share my dream with you. Join me, so that I might paint a scene for you, from colors you may have yet discovered. Join me, and let me weave you a tapestry from the yarn and thread of our collective inspiration.

Collective, because it is a collaborative process – an agreement that the observer will suspend their disbelief to allow for the fantastic, and the storyteller will do everything in their power to transport you to distant worlds filled with incredible adventure.

As I begin my foray into the art of sharing stories professionally, I offer my hand as a fledgling guide. I can’t tell you precisely where we’ll go, but I’d love your company for the journey.

"The plot unveils in various lines at slow, but alluring pace, keeping your attention and resulting in explosive culmination." - Andrii S.

"Just when you think you have the story figured out, something else drops and changes your thinking." -Matt A.

"The author does a great job of creating his story within a renowned cyberpunk world full of interesting technology." Adam (Amazon Review)

I'm actively seeking reviews for The Devil Whispered! If you've read the book and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. I read each one and would love to know what you thought. Thank you!


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