Transmissions From The Mind Of A Serial Overthinker:
a collection of overflowing thoughts

So It Begins...

November 25th, 2020


As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve been experiencing the machinations and designs of much greater minds than my own since early childhood. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, the imagination fostered from being so immersed in magic, futuristic concepts, and heroic adventure can be wielded as a powerful weapon against the monotony of the mundane.

My early years were spent exploring the forests of New England with a sturdy stick in my hand to combat the trolls and goblins that were undoubtedly hiding in the trees. My stuffed animals each had a name, a personality, and I cared more for their well-being than my own.

Sadly, I would later learn that a vivid imagination could only get me so far when it came to sustaining myself financially. I found that I was ill equipped to summon any passion for the washing of dishes or folding of pizza boxes. It wasn’t that I wasn’t capable of doing a good job, but that I never really cared about being great at something that meant so little to me.

I had all of these ideas and aspirations inside and I just wanted to share them with others. I had worlds full of magic, artificial intelligence, villains, and cybernetic samurai, bursting to come out. Anything less just seemed rudimentary and dull. The stress of feeling trapped and tumbling endlessly about within a system that had no room for any those things left me feeling depleted and incapable of producing art from my heart.

At the time, I think I simply lacked the perseverance and willpower to push through the barriers and find my way. People told me I should design games or write, but I didn’t see an easy path to that and, if I’m being honest, a part of me gave up.

That struggle never really ended. I got better at hiding it, until eventually my imagination and creativity began to take a back seat to the necessity to conform for the sake of survival. Over time, my excitement for being creative and productive was pushed to a dark corner in the back of my mind where it would remain, a prisoner to my responsible adult self, for nearly two decades.

But…I never completely lost sight of a deeper truth that what I really wanted to be doing was to be sharing my own machinations and designs with others. What I really wanted to be doing was to be helping to build a strong sense of wonder and imagination for people like me, and inspiring them to see the world in the same exciting light that I once had.

In May, I came across a copy of the first chapter to a story I’d started writing years ago. I’d mostly forgotten it, but when the chapter ended, I wanted more! It was a subtle reminder of where my strengths lie, and it inspired me to sit down and continue the story. The more I wrote, the more comfortable I felt, and the more I remembered how much this felt like something I was meant to be doing.

Now, at 43, I understand that you can’t achieve something that you never even try to attain, and that what matters most to me is living a life filled with the joy of knowing that I’m doing something that I’m meant to do – something that I’m truly passionate about. Armed with this newfound enthusiasm, I’m prepared to wield it like the cudgel I once defended the forests from hordes of goblins and trolls with and ward off the advance of any tedious cycles of normalcy wherever they date to rear their ugly head.

As the first step, I am excited to announce that my debut novel, ‘The Devil Whispered’ is complete and will be available on March 1st, 2021. It’s a near-future science fiction novel that I’m labeling a “Cyberpunk Detective Noir Story”. I hope that you will read it, and that it marks the beginning of a longstanding relationship in which I can mirror my own inspirations to provide you with the same sense of adventure that has been so meaningful to me throughout my life.